Champagne Coolers

3 bottle Champagne Cooler

3 bottle Champagne Cooler

Ref: fg3623R

Price: 84.42

Champagne cooler with 3 cooling pots in aluminium. The pots are isolated from the ice / water to keep the bottles dry. Each of the pots are easily removed for cleaning and will take a standard 75cl shaped bottle of Champagne.

Top diameter (without holes) : 280mm
Base diameter : 190mm
Height inside : 200mm
Height external : 210mm

Capacity without top : 4+ bottles


Stainless Steel Champagne Bowl

Ref: fg3594

Price: 139.22

Superb stainless steel champagne cooler in heavy guage steel - designed for years of use. Suitable for up to 8 bottles.

Top diameter : 400mm inner (409mm outer)
Base diameter : 185mm
Height : 298mm external (213mm internal)
Capacity : 15 litres
Bottles : 8

Deluxe Champagne Cooler

Ref: fg3644k

Price: 164.96

Superb 4 hole Champagne cooler with grab handles in stainless steel for a life time of service in chilling your favourite Champagne and sparkling wines.


Arcylic Champagne Bowl : Clear

Arcylic Champagne Bowl : Clear

Ref: fg3587

Price: 40.02

Tough, clear acrylic Champagne bowl - will take 6-7 bottles as shown.

Outer dia : 390mm
Inner dia : 345mm
Base dia : 205mm
Height : 380mm


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